fredag 19 augusti 2011

Just dropping by: Scholl fungal nail treatment

One poster commented on my last post and said he/she would now try a treatment sold by Scholl ( I don't have too much to say about it but here is just my immediate view of it:

Firstly, the big flashy ad that claims the product will kill 99,9 % of all nail fungus is of course suspicious and in all probability a piece of sensationalist advertising exaggerating or manufacturing completely the abilities of the product.

A complete list of ingredients cannot be found which is also a warning sign. They say the product will work by lowering the PH of the nail and make it inhospitable to fungus, sounds fair enough. The exact same thing happens when you soak your toes in household vinegar and it is a fact that fungus does not thrive in too acid environments. How effective this treatment is for actually lowering the PH far enough to kill fungus is unknown. They claim it to be scientifically verified but do not link to any studies or trials.

What the PH-adjusting agent is they do not tell on the website. The permeation-enhancing "formula" is said to be urea, panthenol and glycerin. Sounds OK, anecdotal evidence from the web point to urea being useful for dissolving the nail structure, glycerine is sometimes used in ointments and similar products and panthenol is seemingly good for penetration of the skin according to .

All in all it seems like a decent product, it can probably do some good for some people. However, by the look of it it does not seem to bring anything new really, just another mix of substances that have been on the agenda before (sans the PH-lowering main substance that is not named. If I may take a wild guess it is probably vinegar as usual).

On the flip side the formulation is a bit more interesting than for example the huge internet scam that is zetaclear which is pretty much only vinegar and water at a hefty price, and other products. Urea is interesting and panthenol is probably not bad. I will stick with complete debridement of the nail and application of conventional prescription substance (lamisil once) but if you want to give this a go you are probably not without hope. Be sure to update others with the result either here or on other websites.

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  1. Thank you for all your replies!
    It is usually me asking the questions and I am Feety from the site so I will reply from now on as Feety.
    Scholl fungal nail treatment actually made my nails worse, I had made a little progress with nonyx and switched to scholl but I lost all the progress I had made with nonyx so I have now gone back to using nonyx again and luckily after a couple of months using nonyx again my nails now far from cured are better. Amazon reviews from scholl are great but it just did not work for me, also if you google "sue ferguson podiatrist" she is a podiatrist that recommends scholl and has seen it do good work but it had the opposite effect on me.
    Nonyx has not cured my nails but it has helped with the structure of the big nails and now for the first time in about 20 years they have a better structure, not cured at all, still all yellow and uneven but better in that way so I will stick with nonyx on my big nails. My middle nails nonyx has not helped at all with so I am going to start using lamisil once again on these, the reason I stopped using lamisil once before was the cost, I kept running out of it quickly as I was using it on all nails but I will try again and of course keep you updated!

    tdt-067 sounds like an interesting new drug going though trials, do you know anything about this one?
    I think it is terbinafine with an ingredient to penetrate better. It is now stage 3 trials but I dont know when it will be available, I emailed to ask but they replied saying they cant estimate when it will be available.


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  6. http://www.bvfootclini and then is just another site that uses spambots to market their unproven stuff in order to boost sales. As said before, they would not need to do this if their product was truly effective, if it was effective it would very soon be all over the world.

    When you as readers read a comment to a post on this blog, make sure to click the name of the poster and see what happens. If it leads to a commercial website selling some remedy you are 100 % sure they are just trying to sell their product.

  7. The poster "toenail fungus treatment" is YET another scam poster who hides behind seemingly impartial statements about vinegar and still links to his employer, the ZetaClear scam website.

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