måndag 21 maj 2012

I had a request for a description of the "dremel-like" machine I was using to file down my nails, well, here it is. There is nothing fancy about it, just an old high-speed drilling machine with different tools to insert into the chuck. The 2 upper tools are the ones I use, and the one on the top does 90 % of the work, the other one is just for the last piece of the nail close to the cuticle.

It has adjustable speed, normally I start out on slow speed and increase it slightly when I get into it (and bored). It is a tedious process but I recommend doing one foot and maybe the other one the next day, or your back may start to hurt and you will not be too thorough anymore....

I would say any similar machine will do, for example the cheap ones off ebay since it requires no engine power or super speed. Get for example the one on http://www.ebay.com/itm/DREMEL-400-XPR-Rotary-Tool-With-Accessories-And-Paperwork-New-Exec-Condition-/160802040751?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25708c6baf  or try maybe this one, even cheaper: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Cordless-Rotary-Tool-40pc-Kit-Dremel-Tool-Bits-Fit-Dog-Nail-Groomer-Grinder-/170843162711?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27c70bc857

If you get just any tool and it does not carry the suitable sanding tips you see in the pic (the top one the most important one, it also works just fine without the pointy tip, you can use a cylinder-shaped one), just go to your local hardware store and ask for dremel acessories and they will most likely have a big shelf with them. They are expensive, but only one is not expensive...

There you go, good luck. =)

måndag 26 mars 2012


Blogs and forums are littered with posts from spambots, that is automated programs that register and post fairly nonsensical short posts and linking to the scam website, such scam websites include
http://www.melbourne S P A M podiatrist.com.au/ , www.nailfungus SPAM treatment.net , www.fungal SPAM nails.com and so on. I am going to start deleting them now since almost most posts on this blog are scam posts. While browsing the web, do keep your skeptical goggles on at all times.

(The website adresses have been distorted so their google results won't be helped. Thanks to Lee for the advice)