söndag 24 januari 2010

After many outbursts of rage over disappearing text I have now concluded that if you change the settings to "edit HTML" you are indeed able to copy and paste text, and thereby staying safe throughout the writing process. I am now content again....

I am sitting with my toes in plastic. As I said before, in worse cases of fungus keratin is likely to build up under the nail, lifting it from the toe and causing it to grow upwards in an angle. 4 of my toenails are growing abnormally, 4 and 5 one could say, if the big toes are no. 1 and one counts outwards. 2 are rather bad, one is bent badly and both are growing in a 45-degree angle. It has been a few months since my last procedure and it is time again.

What I do: I cut fingers off disposable plastic bags and fill them with PURE vinegar (not balsamic, it stains the nails). I put them on my toes and wrap up with rubber bands. It has been sitting for like 20 mins now and I usually leave it for close to an hour. What it does is it softens up the keratin and enables you to scrape it out using a toothpick, needle, nail, match, whatever. It sounds icky, and kinda is, but it relieves the nail of pressure and enables topical medicines to more easily get under the nail. I really recommend this procedure. Even though I mentioned it before, I do so again. The excess keratin should simply not be there and it is not good for the treatments.

Vinegar is good for this purpose. Some use it with success for long-term treatment of the fungus infection itself, applying it daily on the nail. It is a very logical treatment, considering the PH of vinegar and how acidic environments are unfriendly to fungi, so this is no scam, even though it may not be as potent as some people say. But vinegar smells, and combined with feet that sweat throoughout the day, it is not very nice. It smells very sour, and I take my hat off to those who can keep this up for many months. I would probably lose my motivation, considering the drawbacks.

This post is only for stating the usefulness of vinegar as a part of a treatment. More to come. My treatment is underway, and some bright spots csn be seen (my right middle finger show less infection than it did 12 months ago). Also on the medical side, there are a couple of new treatments in research that look rather promising. I will look into that in my upcoming posts.


fredag 22 januari 2010

Firstly I must say I am rather annoyed with Blogger's ability to make text disappear, and also it's ability to automatically save posts, but without including the text, so you are left with nothing and need to start all over again. Anyway, let's go at it again.

So I have not posted for a long time, that is how it happens sometimes. Anyway I am glad I put these pictures up for me to be able to monitor my progress, and I plan to post frequently from now on. This will be an informative post, and my personal progress will be reviewed in a later post.

I think people should know one thing about Alternative Medicine. What makes it alternative is not it's magical efficacy, not it's east asian (or any romantic sounding) origin. What makes it alternative is the fact that it is not scientifically proven to be effective.

So in medicine, "alternative" actually means "not proven to be working". Once an alternative medication has been proven effective, it CEASES to be alternative medicine. It simply becomes medicine.

With that in mind. With that in mind..... You should gather as much information as you can about a particular subject or medication before investing money or time in it. If you see a webpage advertising a miraculous cure for nail fungus that makes wonders within 14 days, don't create an opinion from that page only. Go to a search engine like google and look that word up. If there are not many relevant hits, it may be safe to assume that the "opinion" that this cure is miraculous belongs to it's creators only, and few if any actual users.

Getting rid of my nail fungus has become quite a bit of a hobby of mine, and I have spent days and nights in front of the computer because of my problem. Let me share this with you: Google "nail fungus", "fungus cure" or anything like that, and you WILL find tons and tons of resources and sites offering help.

Maybe 5 % of this information has any value at all, or is sincere and correct. I would say about 85 % is complete horseshit, ungrounded claims and false statements, false information that tells you to buy a product or try a home remedy (the former is of course most common).

There are ways to get rid of nail fungus, but it is not easy, and many never does. Figures vary, but between 5-20 % of the world's population seem to suffer from any form of nail fungus. That is why there is huge money in this, and where there is money, there will always be crooks.....

Remember that. And stay tuned for my next post!