torsdag 25 april 2013

My current status

So, it has become obvious at this point that I don't post much anymore. =)

The reason for this is pretty much that I don't have much to write. My toenails have been the area of battle for the last couple of years and I can't say I have had success. I kept treating them with the same procedure as described in previous posts, mechanical debridement of the nail by filing it down to as thin as possible using an electrical drill with a sander tip, then, with the nail either gone or a tenth of it's normal thickness I would apply Lamisil Once regularly. Lamisil is a proper medicine, there is nothing alternative about it. It went through the normal processes, years upon years of trials and research, millions and millions spent by a pharmaceutical company and to this day it (terbinafine) is still the substance that has the highest percentage of success in fungus sufferers. In other words: as legit as something can ever be.

It cured my fingernails 100 %, no trace of infection and I have been healthy for over 2 years now, see my posts from early 2010: and from late 2010: . My toenails have not had the same success.

Working with toenails is more difficult, your back hurts as you carefully work your tools and try to see what you are doing while not hurting yourself. It also proved more difficult for me to treat them twice a day because it is more of a hassle taking off your shoes and socks when you realize you forgot to apply the gel.

A third thing: socks and shoes make for a warm, humid environment which is ideal living conditions for fungus. Your hands are out all day, breathing. How many hours a day do you walk around barefoot? These circumstances make me think it is much more difficult to treat toenail fungus than fingernail fungus. I have been a bit on-and-off with my treatment, at most I have applied it once a day but I never had a layoff of more than a week or two, I did however not see any significant improvement (3 nails seem healthy, the others are bad)so this year I simply stopped doing it and was thinking about what I was going to try next.

When I stopped treating it completely I noticed it actually went from not getting any better to getting WORSE. I don't know, but I assume the gel, as I use it, on me, was able to keep the fungus somewhat in check although not cure it, so I started using it again just for precautionary reasons and now I apply it maybe 2-3 times a week. I will move on to another procedure but I just have to settle on one. I hate spending time every day over several months on something that had no hope of working in the first place, and filling the wallets of inhuman charlatans and quacks, such as the people behind the zetaclear scam (get a job, you zetaclear people) is something I really would hate to do, see my blog on fake remedies such as zetaclear: .

I will drop back quite soon with a new treatment regimen for me personally and I will keep you updated on my progress/regress. I have just been lost for some time and holding out hope for my old treatment to keep working wonders on other parts of my body, but I will have to find something else. As said before, I make zero cents off of this blog and I will never do anything to promote a non-effective, heavily advertised remedy that contains only vinegar, water and perfume. Whatever I choose to try will be given a lot of thought, researched, and viewed in a scientific way.

I hope as many as possible choose to follow this blog because, no matter how rarely it happens, I will post only correct information regarding my progress and current treatment methods.