lördag 30 november 2013

Formula 3 antifungal by TetraCorp

Another product that I find a little interesting is called "Formula 3" and is manufactured by TetraCorp. Their product can be seen at their website http://thetetracorp.com/products/formula3-antifungal/ .

I have read a couple of posititve reviews online as you will always find no matter what product you research but the mixture itself seems interesting when you look closer at it. It contains tolftanate which is a completely legit antifungal, in trials it has been shown to be effective when compared to other antifungals, see http://www.ijdvl.com/article.asp?issn=0378-6323;year=1990;volume=56;issue=2;spage=130;epage=131;aulast=Rajendran .

It seems to be slightly less effective than azoles (itraconazole, clotrimazole) which in turn have been shown to be less effective than terbinafine, still the top dog when it comes to efficently treating fungal skin and nail infections. But apparently they have managed to make tolftanate oil-soluble and dissolve it in jojoba oil which should logically make for a better drug transfer, always the issue when it comes to nail fungus. I like to think that this should be able to peneterate a clean, thinly filed down nail and get to work.

A problem (for me) is that this is only sold in physician's offices and the website tells you to consult your doctor. I have found a couple of places on amazon and ebay that sell the stuff second-hand but they will not ship outside the US....

Either way, that might also be worth a try for those of us who have tried and failed with a lot of treatment methods. If anybody living in the US would like to help me get hold of a bottle of this stuff I would be grateful of course, I can compensate you for your efforts and expenses if you will have it sent to me.

Same goes of course for luliconazole, sold as lulifin in India and Lulicon/Rurikon in Japan, I am extra interested in that stuff.

New topical medication on market: Jublia topical solution

Once in a while I browse the web searching for updates regarding nail fungus research and new substances and treatment methods. As of now it seems a new thing is on the market. The company that markets Jublia is called Valeant and their website and their own press release can be seen on http://ir.valeant.com/investor-relations/news-releases/news-release-details/2013/Valeant-Pharmaceuticals-Announces-Approval-Of-Jublia-For-The-Treatment-Of-Onychomycosis-In-Canada/default.aspx . 

It describes some decent study results where between 15-17 % of patients were cured after a full year being medicated and the substance is applied on top of the nail like for example ciclopirox nail lacquer. 

Apparently this is so new that it is only approved for sale in Canada but those who live there and are struggling with nail fungus at least have something new to try. The test results are being released by the company itself and are moderately promising but hey, it is another option at least. If it was available where I live or could be purchased online I would give it a shot.

Check back for more updates, feedback, positive or negative is always appreciated