torsdag 25 april 2013

My current status

So, it has become obvious at this point that I don't post much anymore. =)

The reason for this is pretty much that I don't have much to write. My toenails have been the area of battle for the last couple of years and I can't say I have had success. I kept treating them with the same procedure as described in previous posts, mechanical debridement of the nail by filing it down to as thin as possible using an electrical drill with a sander tip, then, with the nail either gone or a tenth of it's normal thickness I would apply Lamisil Once regularly. Lamisil is a proper medicine, there is nothing alternative about it. It went through the normal processes, years upon years of trials and research, millions and millions spent by a pharmaceutical company and to this day it (terbinafine) is still the substance that has the highest percentage of success in fungus sufferers. In other words: as legit as something can ever be.

It cured my fingernails 100 %, no trace of infection and I have been healthy for over 2 years now, see my posts from early 2010: and from late 2010: . My toenails have not had the same success.

Working with toenails is more difficult, your back hurts as you carefully work your tools and try to see what you are doing while not hurting yourself. It also proved more difficult for me to treat them twice a day because it is more of a hassle taking off your shoes and socks when you realize you forgot to apply the gel.

A third thing: socks and shoes make for a warm, humid environment which is ideal living conditions for fungus. Your hands are out all day, breathing. How many hours a day do you walk around barefoot? These circumstances make me think it is much more difficult to treat toenail fungus than fingernail fungus. I have been a bit on-and-off with my treatment, at most I have applied it once a day but I never had a layoff of more than a week or two, I did however not see any significant improvement (3 nails seem healthy, the others are bad)so this year I simply stopped doing it and was thinking about what I was going to try next.

When I stopped treating it completely I noticed it actually went from not getting any better to getting WORSE. I don't know, but I assume the gel, as I use it, on me, was able to keep the fungus somewhat in check although not cure it, so I started using it again just for precautionary reasons and now I apply it maybe 2-3 times a week. I will move on to another procedure but I just have to settle on one. I hate spending time every day over several months on something that had no hope of working in the first place, and filling the wallets of inhuman charlatans and quacks, such as the people behind the zetaclear scam (get a job, you zetaclear people) is something I really would hate to do, see my blog on fake remedies such as zetaclear: .

I will drop back quite soon with a new treatment regimen for me personally and I will keep you updated on my progress/regress. I have just been lost for some time and holding out hope for my old treatment to keep working wonders on other parts of my body, but I will have to find something else. As said before, I make zero cents off of this blog and I will never do anything to promote a non-effective, heavily advertised remedy that contains only vinegar, water and perfume. Whatever I choose to try will be given a lot of thought, researched, and viewed in a scientific way.

I hope as many as possible choose to follow this blog because, no matter how rarely it happens, I will post only correct information regarding my progress and current treatment methods.

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  1. Hi, can you send me an email if you don't mind. thanks for how you filed down your nails

  2. How can I send you a private msg? I was chatting with you here and also on Lee's blog. I think it is interesting the lamisil once worked for you but the oral didn't. I am giving the lamisil once a go but my nail fungus isn't getting better; I have toenail fungus too. I am filing down my toenails. My fingernails are not thick yet but do you think filing them down would work? I might just give the orals a try again. I wish they understood why people can fight it and others can't? I think some of us are more prone to fungal infections. thanks, aka blue

  3. Hi Blue, your message did find it's way to my email so you did something right. =) I think we have to accept that nail fungus is a very persistent thing and the treatments available are effective only to a certain degree. Some will have success and some won't, like with any other illness and treatment. It doesn't have to be something that doctors are missing. I too think it is odd that 3 months of oral treatment made no improvement at all while topical made everything right again straight away. The way i went about it however is quite hardcore, in lack of a better word. I did file down all the fingernails either completely, ignoring the discomfort, or down to a super thin layer, as thin as possible. I had to cut the remaining nails constantly as they were so thin that they would break as soon as I touched something, plus I did have one ingrown nail but I pulled it out of the skin without any problem and it healed.

    When I ravaged the poor nail beds with lamisil twice a day the concentration of terbinafine in there was probably ten times higher than it was when I took it orally, so the concentration and my persistence may have been what did it. I don't know if filing down the nails will work for you, some people do every treatment and do everything right and some get well within a couple months on bloody vinegar or something. I would say it is worth a shot if it really bothers you, it bothered me, and I tried it. Since the nail is a very dense barrier for any topical treatment to penetrate it makes sense to thin it in order to make penetration easier. Let me just say I did not file down healthy nail, only infected nail.

    Good luck whatever you choose to do. =) If you would like to email me and ask some questions, send me a message with your email address, it can't be seen as a sender in the email I got.

  4. Yet another thing: When I was successful with my treatment I also avoided getting my hands wet. It is not 100% feasible sine you need to shower and so on but I did avoid it as much as possible. Careful when washing dishes, I bought kleenex and almost exclusively washed my hands with wet napkins, when I did have to wet my hands I made sure to dry my nails really well instantly, and avoided wearing gloves. I have no idea if this made any difference, it was just something I did along with the other stuff.

  5. Fungus, thanks so much for your input. You gave me good info. Lee sent you my email but the email you have on his blog bounced so you might want to update that?
    So you didn't use gloves when washing dishes. I have kids so I would just try to accept it but they are little and I really don't want to pass it to them (maybe something I just have to accept).

    just out of curiosity how did your finger nail fungus begin? I noticed some skin peeling on my fingers but very light and never ever thought anything of it and then I hurt my middle finger and I think that gave the fungus an in and before I knew it it took over all the nails. I don't think anyone would notice if they didn't look closely so I am in the beginning phase but my nails are orange/yellow for half the nail. I have been soaking in vinegar as that seems to help a tiny bit along with the Lamisil once.

    I have been trying to keep my hands dry. Do you wipe down your computer or laptop? I am so happy for you that you cured yours. Have you always had athletes foot? I notice that my nails for some reason cause some athletes foot even if I put meds everyday. I was curious about that too?? I appreciate all you wrote, that helps and I might just thin out my fingernails soon or try lamisil oral. I did do a search for Luliconizole and asked if I could be in the last study but my toe needed to look horrible (but it doesn't since I filed it down).

  6. I didn't phrase myself well, I avoided using gloves in general (at work and so on) in order to let my hands be out in the open as much as possible. When I washed dishes I would either wear plastic gloves or just avoid wetting my hands. Normally you get lazy with stuff like that after a while but since I saw improvement fairly quickly as the nail grew I figured I must be doing something right, so I kept it up.

    To put your mind at ease I may point out that kids rarely get nail fungus, it is a risk that increases with age, when you are very young you will probably not contract it and when you are 90 you will have it....

    I would always get athlete's foot maybe once a year,normally in the winter like many people I know, but normally it is just some cracking between the toes, you put some ointment on and you are fine. On a side note for several years I would not get athlete's foot at all during the years I sporadically treated my toenails, seemed like that kept it all contained in the nails. When I went backpacking a decade ago I noticed a big toenail starting to look strange and soon all my toenails were more or less infected. A few years later I hurt one of my fingernails at work and after it healed I noticed fungus developing on that too (injuries are often the start of fungus development in nails), fairly quickly it spread to 4 fingers on my right hand but never the left. Since they looked like a horror movie for years I thought they were destroyed at the core and would never grow normally again, today it looks like I never had fungus though.

    Many people recommend desinfecting your environment and clothes, I personally think that may be unnecessary. It won't hurt but it is bloody tough work to desinfect your house, wash your clothes in 60 degrees C and destroy all your wool garments, and what do you do with shoes if you don't throw them away? I never cared about that since it was too much of a task, I just went after it in the nails.

    To avoid spam I use my original email with care and does not post it online. You can however post yours if you want and I will send you an email. I am not an elite blogger and don't know how private messaging works....

  7. Hi Fungus, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am not into blogging; just trying to figure out how to get rid of this. I think your post was very helpful; I appreciate it. I would give you my email but your blog is in English but the instructions on what to do are in another language. At some point if I do have more questions I might just set up an email if I decide to leave it here, in case spammers get it. I am so glad to hear the lamisil once is working for you. You said you put a very thin layer right? I have been doing that and it doesn't seem to be working. I do think that Luliconizole sounds promising; one of the study doctors mentioned he had seen positive results and the information out there says it takes half the time for it to work than lamisil. I hope it works for many. I do understand fungus isn't the end of the world but I do find it painful and I think the nail fungus actually for me feeds the skin to give me athletes foot and I notice now my fingers are getting a bit like athletes foot. It sounds like your skin does well and doesn't really get infected. take care and I am happy you found something that works for you. Oh one more question, now that your nails are doing well did you cut back on how often you use the lamisil on the nails?

  8. I put a thin layer on, just enough to cover the whole nail and a little bit of the skin around it. It has worked for me but who knows, I may be one out of 20...

    Luliconazole does seem interesting, what is being researched at the moment is apparently a 10% solution, in Japan a 1% solution for skin fungus is being sold now, better than nothing. I have been trying to order it online but with no success, if I am able to get some I will make a new post about it.

    My fingernails got cured completely around 3 years ago. Once they were cured I never treated them again, I figured I will start doing lamisil again if they got worse but they stayed healthy. During this period I have been treating my toenail fungus, filing and cutting and so on so my hands have been exposed to plenty of fungus but they never got bad again.

  9. Fungus your story is incredibly fascinating; I wish they would study the immune system more. I am glad the lamisil once worked for you. Your toenail look pretty good but I understand wanting to make them look lots better. Do you have Formula 3 out there? that actually makes my toenails look good and it is sold by Podiatry offices. Well I am crossing my fingers Luliconazole makes it way to market soon and works! thank you for your info

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  11. Hi, thanks for posting about your progress. I've decided to give the Lamisil a go on my toenail fungal problem. I don't plan to use a Dremmel though. At least not yet. I'm going to try some other treatments on other toenails at the same time, to see which one is the most effective. I plan to post my progress on my blog, too, so I've got a photo diary to check how I'm getting on.

  12. Superfunguy, first I must give you praise for coming up with a witty blog name, good work with that. Your nails look quite OK compared to how mine has looked but I understand you want to get rid of this, as we all do.

    I like your plan with using different treatments on different nails and monitoring the progress, that is for sure a good way to go about it. A photo diary in the form of a blog is great because you can easily see your development over time as you scroll through it while it may be harder if you have a bunch of similar pictures in a folder on your computer.

    You were so humble that you did not link your blog, I will do that for you. I will check into .

  13. Thank you very much for posting a link to my blog. Very kind.

    How are you getting on with your toenails - any progress? They are much more stubborn to cure given they're enclosed for most of the day in warm, moist conditions (i.e. shoes). At least in Western countries.

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