torsdag 24 oktober 2013


I believe I did write further back in the blog about the new substance luliconazole that has been kind of talked about in the last couple years. In 2010 the drug was launched in India under the name Lulifin as can be seen in this news report: .

It is also being sold in Japan under the name Lulicon, when you research it using search engines you should try both the spelling "lulicon" and "rurikon" (some completely unrelated pages with Japanese dress-up stuff might come up.....). It is manufactured by the company Pola Pharma and I have tried obtaining it through their Australian branch who referred me to the Japanese company who in turn let me know that they cannot sell drugs to countries where it has not passed all the tests (in simple terms that was the message, it is not being sold here so they can't send it here either).

I am curious about this one since it is A: something I haven't tried, B: it is actually real medicine and not something someone cooked up in their basement and sold over the internet with sexy words like "essential oils", "all natural", "homeopathic remedy" and so on. And C: one can find a couple promising studies online, like at where it is stated that for mild skin infections Luliconazole cream and Terbinafine cream were equally efficient, here it must be remembered that Terbinafine is still the top dog when it comes to antifungals.

So I want to try the lulicon/rurikon/lulifin and try it on my toenail fungus, I am kind of reaching out here. Anybody who lives in India or Japan or knows another way to obtain medicine from there is welcome to contact me, it would be appreciated

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