måndag 26 mars 2012


Blogs and forums are littered with posts from spambots, that is automated programs that register and post fairly nonsensical short posts and linking to the scam website, such scam websites include
http://www.melbourne S P A M podiatrist.com.au/ , www.nailfungus SPAM treatment.net , www.fungal SPAM nails.com and so on. I am going to start deleting them now since almost most posts on this blog are scam posts. While browsing the web, do keep your skeptical goggles on at all times.

(The website adresses have been distorted so their google results won't be helped. Thanks to Lee for the advice)

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  1. Yes, you should definitely delete any spam comments. The less spam you have on your blog, the better Pagerank Google and other search engines will give you.

    I'd even suggest that you change this post to obfuscate spam links like so:
    "such scam websites include
    http://www.melbournepodi SPAM atrist.com.au/"

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  3. http://herbalproductx.com/nail-fungus/ zetaclear -nail- fungus- treatment is another scam site that is posted on blogs by spambots.

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