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Before and after. =)

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  1. You have done so well treating this!
    I am using nonyx again now, hoping the vinegar theory works!
    Have you actually ever tried nonyx?

  2. Nope, never tried nonyx, so I don't speak from experience. But I don't see a reason to since it is actually nothing but vinegar, water and thickener if I wanted to give it a go I could whip it up myself in minutes using the stuff that is in my cupboards.

    Then again, I could make a hamburger too but I still go to Mcdonald's. =)

  3. Hi,
    Do you still follow trials on new treatments?
    Some of them look good such as the lamisil nail lacquer and novexatin.
    You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the subject and I wondered if you have any idea of when they will be available?

  4. The nb-002 that you posted about looks promising, surely this will be available soon? :(

  5. Hello anonymous.

    I actually do have a lot of knowledge on the subject since it became both a hobby and an obsession of mine due to how bad I felt about feeling I had to hide my hand away from people I met and how self-concious I became. I also watch little TV but spend my evenings with google so finding information about what is interesting to me at the moment is something I do a lot.

    I have not been very up-to-date for a while although I take the liberty of changing wikipedia entries sometimes to include some valid information about "miracle cures", such as the fact that they are not proven to work, and only contains vinegar. =)

    I checked out the NB-002 some time ago and it was still in phase 3 trials so there may still be a year or years until it is on the market.

    I don't recall reading about Novexatin but I will check it out.

    A lamisil nai lacquer sounds good, but if it is still some time before it hits the market, my variant may work in a similar way, that is lamisil single dose for foot fungus. It worked for me so you may want to try that since the layer it leaves on the nail resembles nail lacquer, though softer and not as pretty. =)

    Back soon with updates, for some reason I still don't get notified when I get replies to posts..... Take care

  6. Thank you! It's also an obsession of mine for the same reasons and I am always on google hoping to find a miracle cure. The better looking treatments are taking so long with all the trials and I suppose it doesnt help nails grow so slowly because we have to wait and see how the new nail grows etc etc.
    I do like the look of novexatin, I emailed asking about how it would work on more severely affected nails (mine are severely affected and the last podiatrist I went to see told me my nails would never grow normal again as they are too damaged) anyway they told me they will be working on a product to also tackle more severely affected nails so I guess that means more trials.....the wait goes on......
    I am now trying scholl fungal nail treatment, too soon to see if it will help yet, again it is for "mild infections" so i am not holding out much hope....

  7. I did also try your lamisil once after seeing your results but unfortunately it didn't work for me, my podiatrist says that my nails are too damaged from the fungus to ever grow normally again so maybe that's why...

  8. I am back to trying lamisil once! It is my toes that are bad, worse than your toenails but your blog always encourages me so I will try again.
    Did you use the lamisil on your toes the same way as your fingers?
    2-3 times a day and scrape off about every two weeks?
    I am guessing you washed your feet and hands during the process but did not scrape or try to wash the layer of lamisil once away?

  9. Any updates on the latest treatments available?

  10. Firstly, Zyrex's post is yet another zetaclear scam marketing their vinegar-and-water.

    I like seeing people reading and replying, I really do feel with you since I know how it feels to have a simple fungus affect your appearance and self-esteem. Thank you for your posts and for reading.

    I have no updates on the latest treatments but I plan on checking it out and when I do I will post that info, as you hopefully have noticed I am a reasonable poster who tries to remain so, not buying into the miracle tales that some manufacturers put out. Everybody can do research but I enjoy doing it for others and it is easier whenn you are into the subject and know what you are talking about.

    For the one that had gloomy predictions coming from his/her podiatrist: Maybe your nails will not be 100 % like they used to be, but when they are fungus-free they will no longer be yellow, brittle, loose and so on. My fingernails were in a terrible state as you casn see in my pics and one nail did grow very abnormally, almost folding and pointing upwards but they are now all 100 % normal, I did not expect that but it seems the nails did remember how to grow normally once the fungus was gone, so don't be surprised if your nails turn out to look better than you could imagine once they are cured of nail fungus.

    "Did you use the lamisil on your toes the same way as your fingers?
    2-3 times a day and scrape off about every two weeks?
    I am guessing you washed your feet and hands during the process but did not scrape or try to wash the layer of lamisil once away?"

    Pretty much the same way, yes. I didn't bother for a while but I started again a couple of months ago only with some debridement of the nails. I only apply the lamisil once a day now. I have had mixed results, one nail seems to be cured but others are unchanged or worse than 6 months ago. Since I have at least partial success I will once again wear down my nails, this time as much as possible, only leaving a little on the sides to avoid ingrowns when the skin folds.

    I normally apply the lamisil after showering and wash my hands afterwards sometimes though it should not be necessary. Keep it simple. I scrape the buildup off once very 1-2 weeks.

    If you don't have suitable tools soaking your toes in pure vinegar contained in cut-off fingertips from plastic gloves works fine for dissolving the keratin buildup and leaving the nail intact. you can then scrape away the excess yellow keratin and goo easily.

    Thanks again for replying, stay tuned for a new post. And keep up the good work... =)


  11. Here I am able to finally log on..... =)

    I just wanted to once again tell you that I appreciate your replies and more than anything, questions. I like to help and will always answer questions to the best of my knowledge and be honest when I do not have much.

    Also, if you reply anonymously it is helpful to me if you finish the post with a name, initials or alias such as "friend from australia" for example because it helps me distinguish between different replies and also helps me remember your personal stories.

    See ya later.


  12. I have had a lot of success using Coconut Oil - the cooking variety not propriety creams containing cocnut oil, which I found useless. Unfortunately coconut oil is a bit messy to use as it is very thin when heated and takes a while to sink in to the nail/skin so best not to rub it on before going to bed if you value your sheets. In mmy experience the cure is not instant but there is steady reliable progress. Before turning to coconut oil I had tried three products recommended by the chemist. I found cocnut oil by far the best. My nails are now pink and healthy.

  13. Hi, what worked for you? I am sorry but I didn't see what you used to clear your fingernail fungus?? thank you

    1. Hi Stephanie, I did use the foot fungus gel Lamisil Once that contains terbinafine, the substance proven in multiple scientifc trials to be the most effective one, although far more difficult to use against nail fungus than skin fungus. To get down into the nail bed I mechanically sanded all the infected nails away and applied this. I write about in a couple posts further back in the blog starting at http://battlenailfungus.blogspot.se/2010/08/my-procedure.html .

      Debridement of the nail is a logical step to ensure any medication reaches the infected nail bed, and using a scientifically proven substance makes good sense too in my opinion.... =)

  14. Svara, I found it! Sorry, thank you! I was wondering if you removed the whole nail? Your nails look great. Also, how much of the gel lamisil do you put on and do you coat the whole nail day and night? thank you

  15. I believe I described it in detail in the following posts but i actually did remove all of the INFECTED nail, not what was still healthy.

    As you can see my thumbnail was in a terrible state and mostly loosened from the nail bed, this was actually the easiest part since most of it could be cut and then the last infected parts was worn away with a dremel-type microdrill with a sander tip. It is a tedious process but it proved to be worth the effort.

    I would relentlessly grind away all nail that was loosened, discolored or deformed in any way and leave the soft nail bed exposed completely. Where the infection had reached all the way to the base and the cuticle I would simply wear away as much as possible, going maybe 1/2 millimetre under the cuticle to make sure as little nail as possible prevented the gel from reaching the infection core. On my toenails I have not had the energy to be as thorough and I then wore down all the nails to as thin as possible without going all the way through, leaving only a thin film-like nail residue on the toe. They are not cured but do look a lot better at least from the pictures you can see in my 2009 post.

    I apply just enough to cover the whole nail and maybe 5 mm up on the finger/toe hoping to make some penetrate the skin to the nail matrix, I also smear a little around the nail to cover every front. I don't use tons, just enough to cover it. I tried doing this morning and evening but must admit it was mostly just evenings before bed. It proved to be enough.

    This is a problem that is not very appealing and I understand it is more troublesome for women as you wear revealing footwear to a larger extent than men do. I like to help and if you have any further questions I am happy to reply.

  16. thank you Svara!

  17. Svara, you have been so helpful! I hate to keep asking questions but can you post a link to a similar dremel you used for your toenails. I have seen them but I am not sure which to use. I was amazed because I have been using lamisil/dmso mixture and went to work filing using a plain nail file and I could see pink the lower I went so I thought if I could get a good dremel then I could get down low enough to let the lamisil/dmso in. thank you. Oh and I ordered the lamisil gel! It is on its way!

  18. your hard work paid off; your nails look great!!!

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