söndag 23 oktober 2016

Some short words on the current state of things

So I am down to bi-annual posting it seems, haha.

Either way, after 6 years my fingernails are still completely normal and never has there been any signs of re-infection so the hardcore application of terbinafine gel that I have described at length proved to be my end-all-be-all cure. Also unchanged are my toenails, still disfigured with very little change. 

In later years I have discussed my hopes for NanoBio's experimental drug nnb-002 which was a way of delivering terbinafine droplets to the nail bed using nanoparticles, it was stuck on finished phase 2 trials (second of four trial regimens before a drug can hit the market) for years and now it seems to be shelved, so no nnb-002 for you.

Luliconazole has been sold in India and Japan and I have been trying hard to get it, including telling a friend to check out the drugstores while visiting Tokyo but no luck. It is OK though since I just wanted to give it a shot, everything I read seems to say it is only moderately effective, but it is still something else. 

When it comes to other new stuff, Ciclopirox nail lacquer has been joined by a couple new things on the topical side. Efinaconazole 10% nail solution was apparently approved in 2014 and like ciclopirox has shown some effectiveness but not staggering results. 


Apparently there is a new kid in town, topical Tavaborole, This stuff contains a basic element, Boron (it makes you think of nuclear plants but is actually not radioactive). It seems this stuff has a unique ability to block certain enzymes' function and on top of that has a low molecular weight. Not being a physicist I don't really know what that means but apparently it means greater ability to penetrate nail and reach the nail bed compared to some -azoles and -afines like terbinafine. In a study it was 250 times more effective than ciclopirox when it came to solely passing through the nail barrier, which sounds good of course. However,  the stuff is in phase 3 trials and so far complete cure rates have been low. So, not on the market yet and as of now, not super-effective. 

Read more on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4662369/

My shoutout remains active: if anybody out there can get me some Lulicon or have other ideas or useful information, just holler. 

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