tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Nail fungus: my battle

To be honest I am not much into this whole blog hysteria. I don't follow one single blog, and I am surprised to find myself here now. The reason I am starting this blog is mainly to share with others my experiences with different fungus "cures" and hopefully those who read and have similar experiences can give me useful tips. Maybe it can eventually be a bundle of information that is useful to others. Because believe me, I will not suddenly start praising any of the alternative cures out there and reveal myself as just another fake person who is secretly advertising the products that his own company manufactures. Here I will, with pictures and text, share my specific story with nail fungus on fingers and toes. I will update with photos and lists of what products and methods I use. This is a brief first post, let us start with the horrific state my nails are in today. =)
I am not much into the technical stuff, so the pictures ended up on top of the page. Fair enough. I have only a couple of minutes, so this time a brief rundown of my history and treatments will have to suffice.
5 years ago my toenails started growing with a rippled surface, and some thickened. about 2 years ago one of my fingernails started to loosen after I had hurt it, and it has looked like that since (my middle finger). Suddenly about a year ago the rest of the hand quickly got infected, except for the little finger. I has gradually worsened.
I have eaten Lamisil and also used it externally to no avail.
My current procedure is: A new internal lamisil dosage, Tea tree oil on nails 2 times a day, and vinegar from time to time. I also experiment with household products. More to come later.
Thank you for reading, I am most grateful for any input, so don't hesitate to post.

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